High Performance Line

The initial appeal of our new LED LENSER® P (Professional) Series lies in its grace and dynamic elegance. But what's inside the beautiful housings is even more enthralling: These lamps are technological dynamite.
Their core piece is the patented*** Advanced Focus System (starting with LED LENSER® P5). This lens technology is a milestone in the history of artificial light. Press the pushbutton gently to make the white beam of LED LENSER® appear before your eyes like a cathedral of light. A double-shell reflector-lens allows for stageless transition from broad floodlight to sharply focused long-distance beam. Most of our lamps are equipped with a new generation of 3 watt chips.

We reserve the right to make changes within the product development.
* Luminous flux (lumens) resp. max beam distance (meter) in the brightest function when switching on with fully charged accumulator / new set of fresh alkaline or lithium batteries - depending on the torch. Average values, may vary +/- 15% depending on type of chip and batteries.
** Average hours of burning life as measured in the least energy-consuming mode and until residual luminous flux amounts to 1 lumen.
*** EP Patent 1880139, US Patent 7,461,960