The LED LENSER® F1 is not for those with weak nerves. We call it the fighter jet amongst small-flashlights.

What this lighting powerhouse has concealed inside a minimally dimensioned package, is simply breath-taking: 400 Lumen from a single CR123 battery!  This world best is achieved by the LED LENSER® F1 as one of the first in its class.  But that is just the beginning : HA III anodising in accordance with military standards, watertight (IPX8), electronic regulation with a temperature sensor,  tail stand, replaceable glass breakage ring and usage optimized lighting are facts that will convince even the most demanding expert. You'd best get a LED LENSER® F1 fighter jet installed in the hangar at your home as soon as you can.
Led Lenser F1
Technische Daten
  LED   Xtreme Power LED
  Length   88 mm
  Weight   69 g
  Luminous flux   400 lm*
  Batteries   Lithium CR123
  Energy tank   3,9 Wh
  Burning life   120 Min*
  Beam range   100 m*
Item No. 8701

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We reserve the right to make changes within the product development.
*Measured according to ANSI FL1. Luminous flux, beam distance and burning life measured in the brightest stetting.
*** EP Patent 1880139, US Patent 7,461,960
**** EP Patent 1880139; US Patent 11 / 662, 309