The new version of the LED LENSER® X21.2 has been improved significantly (compared to the predecessor model). The impressive lighting performance of up to 1600 lumen* can be focused using seven reflector lenses. The patented **** Advanced Focus Systems (AFS) and the X LENS Technology fuse the precise bundle of rays to a circular, homogenous close-range light or a highly concentrated searchlight.

Scope of delivery
  • 4x D-Cell batteries 1,5 V
  • Adjustable carring strap
  • Manual

Led Lenser X21.2
Technische Daten
  LED   7x Xtreme Power LED
  Weight   1400 g
  Luminous flux max.
  1600 lm*
  Luminous flux min.
  (Low Power)
  250 lm*
  Batteries   4x D 1,5 V
  Energy tank   120 Wh***
  Burning life min.
  20 h**
  Burning life max.
  (Low Power)
  100 h**
  Beam range min.
  (Low Power)
  250 m*
  Beam range max.
  600 m*
  Smart Light
  SLT 3
Item No. 9421

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* Luminous flux (lumen) or maximum beam distance (in meters) is measured using the setting specified in the table on switching on with a fully
charged rechargeable batteries or with fresh alkaline batteries. These are average values which may deviate by +/- 15 % for each individual case according
to chip and batteries/rechargeable batteries.
** The average lighting duration of the relevant level as specified in the table up to a luminous flux of 1 lumen.
*** Calculated capacity value in Watt hours (Wh). This applies to the batteries contained in the relevant article in the delivered state, or for flashlights with
rechargeable batteries, the batteries in a fully charged state.
**** EP Patent 1880139; US Patent 7,461,960