Rechargeable twin light

The LED LENSER® X7R is a spectacular, rechargeable flashlight with an innovative charging system. Two synchronised reflector lenses (X-LENS Technology) give the flashlight a design that, with its unprecedented shape and innovative technology, will both impress and surprise you. The luminous flux of up to 500 lumens* can either be concentrated as a search light beam or for close up work it can shine in a circle up to 45 metres in diameter. The Lamp, which focus' system is based on the patented**** Advanced Focus System, is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.

The charger is a real technological sensation. The flashlight "floats" under the charger. FCS: Floating Charge System. The system is handy, eye-catching and provides a high level of operational safety.
Led Lenser X7R
Advanced Focus System
Technical data
  LED (2x)   High End Power LED
  Length   171 mm
  Weight   241 g
  Luminous flux   500 lm*
  Batteries   1x Li-Ion 3,7 V
  Energy tank   8,1 Wh
  Burning life   7,5 h**
  Beam range   320 m*
Item no. 8408-R

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We reserve the right to make changes within the product development.
* Luminous flux (lumens) resp. max beam distance (meters) in the brightest function when switching on with new set of fresh alkaline batteries.
Average values, may vary +/- 15% depending on type of chip and batteries.
** Average hours of burning life as measured in the least energy-consuming mode and until residual luminous flux amounts to 1 lumen.

**** EP Patent 1880139; US Patent 11 / 662, 309