No-load losses of tested devices per year:
  •  DSL Router up to 10 Watt 15 Euro*
  •  DVB-T Receiver up to 17 Watt 24 Euro*
  •  DVD-/Hard disk Recorder
         up to 63 Watt 88 Euro*
  •  Color laser printer
         up to 103 Watt 144 Euro*
  •  Active Speaker Systems
         up to 57 Watt 79 Euro*
  •  Plasma TV up to 40 Watt 57 Euro*

  • * Estimated figures, depending on the age and make of your appliances.
      Carbon dioxide is
    considered a greenhouse
    gas and one of the main
    causes of global climate
    So much they can
    save yearly.
    Item no. 8020blue-white
    Item no. 8020 S black