Datum: 24-07-2013 LED LENSER® presented The night of the light


Really hot – a Solingen Company donates 600 lamps to the THW (technical assistance organization)

In the framework of this year’s THW-country’s youth camp, Zweibrueder Optoelectronics is going to support the THW youth of NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) with a generous donation of 600 flashlights for the “night of the light” on July 23rd, 2013.

A big sweepstakes starts today, Wednesday July 24th, 2013.

The participation is easy and free. You can participate with only a few clicks without having to sign up or register. Take part in it and with some luck you could even win a high-quality LED LENSER® M8!
Welcome to our page and good luck!

  Datum: 18-10-2012 Led Lenser X14 has won the German Design Award 2013


Good news from the design world! We are delighted to inform you that our product LED LENSER X14 has won the German Design Award 2013 in the category Lifestyle. In February 2013, it will receive the top international prize from the German Design Council, which gives awards every year to the best design products and concepts from up to ten different areas.

But that is not all: As a winner of the German Design Award there's also the opportunity to bag the Public's Choice Award, which is being bestowed for the first time this year. Everyone who is interested in design can take part in the online voting for one of the winners from any of the categories in this year's German Design Award. Simply take a look at the participants at and judge for yourself. We hope you will vote! And with a bit of luck you can also win something from the German Design Council: Voters can win one of three iPad3 devices. The final date for voting is 30 November, 2012.

  Datum: 29-06-2012 Guinness World Record Lamp on world tour


Zweibrüder Optoelectronics organizes tour of world's larges flashlight.

Almost a year ago, Erich Buhl, the inventor of the large flashlight and a long employee of the company, started to develop the enormous flashlight.

In less than 10 weeks he was able to implement his plan to build the world's largest flashlight. At the Solinger light festival "Night of Lights" in September of 2011 the lamp broke the existing world record with a length of 4 meter. The record adjudicator Mrs. Seyda Subasi-Gemici presented the official Guinness World Record certificate.

The lamp, which stands for sustainability and energy efficiency, was presented to the international distributors of the manufacturer last February in South Africa.

The idea was born to make the lamp available to all LED LENSER® partners worldwide with regards to the appropriate events.

After a long journey the lamp is now in Australia. It was presented from May 28th - June 11th as a light installation to approximately 500.000 viewers at the light event called "Vivid Sydney". The large lamp which was recreated after the LED LENSER® X21, was used as a floodlight to illuminate the red carpet catwalk. The visitors liked to seize the opportunity to pose in the light of the X21.

According to the organizer, the world's largest flashlight was the second most common photographed object, next to the illuminated Sydney Opera House, of the 68 exhibitioners.

This promotion was a great success - the next stop on the light's journey is going to be Denmark.

Press releases from Australia:

  Datum: 01-06-2012 A Youth (also U-19) of the Höhscheid sporting association in Solingen wins the international Pentecost tournament.


The 48. A-Junior (also U-19) tournament of the Höhscheid/Widdert sporting association

Next to the "smallest" of the Union family, the A-Juniors (also U-19) were able to demonstrate their abilities at the Pentecost tournament. On three days of the event, the challenge cup was to be won. Teams from the Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland and Germany met at this traditional tournament, which is well known outside of Solingen. Some exciting group matches took place between the opposing teams of the groups. The players of the coaches' team Vicari / Wieden were very successful in their group and won with 10 Points and 8:0 goals. The opponent in the final, SV Schwetzingen, was able to claim the first place in its' group without loosing points and a score of 10:2. Therefore a very exciting final game could be expected. In front of 400 spectators the final was very thrilling, in which Schwetzingen was ahead of the game in the first half-time, but could not turn this advantageinto goals. Therefore at half-time the score was 0:0, which was good for Union Solingen. In the second part of the game the Union players were involved more in the game, and the center forward player Kevin Tiedtke made a headed goalafter great interaction with the right side. The ban was broken and the opponent tried everything, but never got close to the goal of goalie Kevin Garbe, who never had to reach behind himself throughout the entire game.
Due to a justified penalty kick of Gordon Horlacher, which turned into a goal, the victory could not be taken away anymore. The final was won by 2:0 and the joy of the players and the coaches was immense. Besides the challenge cup, the team of Union Solingen was able to accept the cup for the best player (Praveen Kiruthraramamorthy), and the cup of the best goalie (Denny Mangano).
A successful finish of this year's champion chip season!

Official document: Zeitungsartikel Solinger Tageblatt

  Datum: 23-05-2012 At Whitsun, LED LENSER® is going to present the LED LENSER® CUP 2012


Big tournament on the weekend of Whitsun, May 26th-28th 2012, at the sport facility Brabant in Solingen, Germany.

After last years' first edition of the Whitsun tournament in 2011, the Solingen based company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KG ensured, as the main sponsor, the expansion the tournament even further and established the tournament as a fixed event in the sports event calendar of the city and the soccer circles of Solingen.

Last year only the juniors participated. This year, the tournament is going to be extended; altogether 49 teams are going to take part, starting with the Bambini's up to the D-Juniors.

Strong teams from the surrounding areas as well as ambitious national team and area cup participants will partake in this tournament.

Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KG is proud to present an interesting group of participants, and hopes for an athletically fair tournament as well as for a great success at this year's LED LENSER® CUP

Anticipated Time Table:

26.05.2012 starting at 10:00 o'clock
Bambini - U6 / U7 Juniors
Age group 2006 / 2005

26.05.2012 starting at 14:00 o'clock
F-Juniors - U8 / U9 Juniors
Age group 2004 / 2003

27.05.2012 starting at 11:00 o'clock
E-Juniors - U10 / U11 Juniors
Age group 2002 / 2001

28.05.2012 starting at 10:00 o'clock
D-Juniors - U12 / U13 Juniors
Age group 2000 / 1999

  Datum: 08-05-2012 The world's largest flashlight goes traveling - to Australia, with DHL!


Our world record lamp fly halfway around the world!

Such a large project will be planned well and requires professional logistics services. DHL accepts the challenge and transported our flashlight successfully to down under.

Below you will find an official press release from DHL as a PDF document.
DHL Press release: Open Document

  Datum: 15-03-2012 2. LED LENSER Cup 2012


Welcome… ….the 1.FC Union Solingen 1990 e.V. would like to welcome all visitors of this championship homepage. After the first edition of the tournament, last Pentecost in 2011, we are happy to present an interesting group of participants for the tournament from May 26th-May 28th, 2012.

After a successful rehearsal of the E-Junior team last year, our sponsor Zweibrüder Optoelectronics GmbH & Co. KG suggested that the tournament would be established as a fixed event in the calendar of the city of Solingen and of the soccer clubs in this area.

With that in mind, this year at Pentecost, 49 teams, starting with the Bambinis and up to the D-Juniors, are going to be part of this tournament. Strong teams form this area, as well as ambitious pan-regional teams up to district cup teams.

We whish that this tournament has is a fair and sporting competition, our visiting teams and their fans a pleasant stay and a lot of success in the current season and during the tournament.

1.FC Union Solingen 1990 e.V
Tournament Committee

Link: Website

  Datum: 14-03-2012 1.International LED LENSER Autumn Cup 2012 for U10 Junior


The 1.FC Union Solingen 1990 e.V. would like to welcome all visitors of this championship homepage. We are also looking forward to greeting highly motivated new teams of national and international soccer clubs on October 20th and 21st 2012 in the city of Solingen (Germany).

With this extraordinary sports event we would like to revive the theme of the 2006 soccer world championship "A time to make friends", and establish this top class tournament as a platform for soccer enthused junior teams.

The junior teams get a chance to measure up against each other at a fair and sporting competition as well as to make new international friends.

We are happy to have the support of two very experienced partners: Andreas Saur (PT Sports, Verl) and Eric Cornelissen (Joer International, NL)

No top class-sporting event can exist without sponsors. Therefore we would like to thank our name giver for this tournament and, at the same time, for being the main-sponsor of our club for their current and hopefully future support. If one considers the social aspect of this sponsorship, this commitment deserves the highest appreciation.

1.FC Union Solingen 1990 e.V
Tournament Committee

Link: Website